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House made lobster ravioli with a red pepper, vodka cream sauce.

It is particularly pleasing for me when I am able to please real Italians with my food. It is special care, attention to detail and a dose of passion which makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

Zanetti Unitravel THANK YOU

Based on my single experience with Francesca and Zanetti Unitravel I can recommend them highly.




Rare tuna with grilled polenta and marinara









Grilled Rockfish


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Today was our third trip to Central Kitchen to feed the entire school population along with visitors, guests etc. 200+. Our first two times in Central Kitchen we duplicated recipes we had been taught in class but today all the recipes were new and none were even written down for us. At 9:00 am. we were briefed by Chef Bruno on what we were to accomplish by 1:00 pm. when lunch is served. Today were allowed to volunteer for the stations we wanted and those who didn’t volunteer were appointed to the remaining positions.

The first time I was on the fish team and I scaled and cleaned about 60, 1.5 to 2.0 pound Bronzino. Joy did most of the filleting but once the cleaning was complete I filleted maybe 12 -15 and then we roasted them and prepared them for service along with several smaller jobs including peeling several pounds of fresh peas.

The second time I deboned the whole lamb and prepared the roast and then sliced and prepared the meat for service along with several other smaller jobs including de-shelling a large number of clams.

Today I volunteered for Team Pasta which is a bit of a misnomer because while we made fresh ravioli for 200 + our team was also responsible for a black risotto made black by cuttlefish ink and topped with sauteed cuttlefish.

Team Pasta was Carl, Kristen, Robert, Greg and Saide led by Tomas.

Greg and Saide cleaned the cuttlefish reserving the black ink for the risotto while Kristen, Robert and I focused on the ravioli filled with potato and served in a prawn bisque sauce then for service it was topped with a cumin foam sprinkled with coffee powder. OMG.

We started by peelingĀ  and ricing approximately 30 pounds of potatoes.

Then we moved to making the ravioli. While Robert, with the assistance of Tamara rolled the potatoes into small balls, Kristen used the pasta machine, as you will see in the video to roll the pasta and I formed the ravioli into and interesting shape. Also in the video. To give credit where credit is due, Tamara had a lull in what she was doing so she pitched into help us. Thanks Tamara.

Because we were so busy I took only a few video segments and photos but I think you will find it all very interesting. Here we are, the rookies from America cooking the lunch at Alma, in Colorno Italy, one of the finest culinary schools in the world for the third time.

And our food received rave reviews. I only wish I had more photos and video to share.

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